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You can be a part  of Yargıcı’s inspirational world.

In the scope of franchise and master franchise contracts,

- Location, time and cost feasibilities,

- All the required educations about substructure and system establishment

- All support required educations  about store architectural design, decoration planning and visual arrangement is provided by YARGICI.


The required specifications of requesting Franchise:

-          Being experienced on retailing and retailing textile product sales.

-          Having a substructure for being able to provide continuity and establish the corporate staff.

-          Having strong financial structure.


Our store standards:

-          Locating in the range of 150-250 m2, at textile retail floors of shopping centers and/or on the main streets, on the arteries where the shopping traffic is dense and being approved by Yargıcı.

-          Being convenient to the corporate identity and retailing operations of Yargıcı.

Investment Cost:

-          Approximate decoration costs for foreign countries is $500/m2.

-          The retailing equipment determined in accordance with the square meter of the store (hangers, mannequins, information processing system and etc.) are not included within the above mentioned amount.

Participation Fee:


-          Bank Guarantee letter should be given by investors which will cover annual product purchase, and no additional cost will be requested for franchise.

-          Commercial conditions which is mentioned above, vary from country to country

Please, contact us from franchising@yargici.com for more detailed information.

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