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Yargıcı Logo
Yargıcı Logo

YARGICI’s unique style never fails to surprise its followers of elegantly refined tastes. Founded by Emir Yargıcı, a passion for design and his personal philosophy “Travel Hard, Work Hard” is what has nourished the brand up to the present day.

The brand quickly became popular among female customers and in 2001, YARGICI started focusing solely on women’s wear. The same year, cosmetics were added to the product range. This line was named “Waterworks” and included products not found in Turkey at the time. This was one of the first steps YARGICI took towards becoming a lifestyle brand.

In 2002, due to high interest shown for the furniture pieces part of its shop window displays, YARGICI also added home decorations to its product line. From designing women’s collections with a theme of “comfortable elegance”, Yargıcı evolved into a brand that is able to connect with its consumer in multiple aspects of their lifestyles.

In 1978, when YARGICI’s first store was launched by Emir Yargıcı and his brother in Osmanbey, their initial focus was on men’s shirts, which were specifically noted for their pastel color selections.

While this type of color palette was very popular in Europe at the time, it was surprisingly new to the Turkish market. Eventually, the brand’s female customers showed great attention to these products and started ordering for their own use. This was the birth of the first women’s collection which was officially added to YARGICI in 1988.

YARGICI’s design team currently consists of passionate, innovative and visionary people. Their consistent goal is to design fresh collections which contain unique details that continue to surprise the brand’s loyal followers. 
YARGICI believes that in order for a woman to feel special, beautiful and unique, she needs to adopt a personal sense of style.
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